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Iron Kettle Brewing

Traditional artisanal brewing has existed in Europe for centuries, and the Fenstermaker clan is bringing some of those legendary ales to their craft brewery in Grain Valley, Missouri. Iron Kettle Brewery is a pub that brews its own beer for sale on premises. As the Iron Kettle Kingdom grows, the clan plans on adding seasonal beers that you'll come to ask for by name. Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy a taste of old world charm.
“Slàinte Mhath”
The term Slàinte Mhath (pronounced Slanj-a-va) is actually used in both Irish and Scots Gaelic. The phrase is pronounced the same for both dialects, but its spelling differs subtly depending on which language you use. The phrase translates to “good health” in both. While the Irish spell it “Slàinte Mhaith”, those speaking in Scots Gaelic would say “do dheagh shlainte” meaning “to your good health.”


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beer brewery grain valley missouri

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