Below is the list of our beers that we brew, bottle and sell.  We also carry many other local craft beers and the widely loved domestic beers.  Our bar is also stocked with high-quality local top-shelf liquors.  We’ve got something for everyone!

beer brewery grain valley missouri

Merlin's Magic Amber

beer brewery grain valley missouri

Ritter Von



O'Connells Irish Ale

Merlin’s Magic Amber is the finest beer ever crafted by the wizard Merlin.

Once brewed with the breath of the Great Dragon at the request of King Arthur, this crystal malt amber is said to have the power to imbue those who drink it with magic, heightening natural abilities and self confidence.

Ritter Von Pilsner is a valiant knight of the Iron Kettle Kingdom.

He comes from a long line of noble people traveling the land and slaying foes of the realm. His favorite ale is this lightly colored, exquisitely balanced German-style pilsner worthy to share his name. It has a malty sweetness that can be perceived in aroma and flavor.

It is said that this craft-brewed lager has helped win many prizes in jousting tournaments.

Historically, the Archduke was in charge of the castle when the King was away, so it is befitting to name this commanding blonde ale steeped in the history of beers the Archduke Ale. It has its ancestry in the centuries' old traditions of both pale ales and German Kölsch beers and has been brewed since the latter half of the 1800’s. Very light and malty, this ale is a top choice of the Fenstermaker clan.

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